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Stationery Hamper

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Mini Hamper

1x2Kg Flour
1x2Kg Salt
1x2Kg Sugar
1x2litres Cooking oil
3x1Kg Kapenta
1x1ltr Smooth Side Cordial
1xBath Soap
1xGreen Bar Soap
R 700.00
  • GBP: £ 33.25
  • AED: د.إ 160.51
  • USD: $ 42.49
  • BTC: ฿0.01412998
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Nyasha International Hamper

4 x2l Cooking Oil
2x2Kg Flour
1x1Kg Salt
2x2Kg Rice
2x2Kg Sugar
2x Ricoffy 100g
Tea 5 roses 100 tea bags 
Jam hugo 900gms
3x Korr Mix
1x12.5Kg Mealie meal
4x Spaghetti 400g
2x Macaroni 3kg
4x Sugar beans 500g 
5x Baked beans
1x  Kellogs Cornflakes
1 x Kellogs Rice Krispies
1x2ltr Oros 
1x  Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid
1x Handy Andy
9x Toilet Paper Rolls baby soft 2 ply
1 xToothpaste Aqaufresh
1 xVaseline 250g
2x Bathing Soap (LUX) 
1x2Kg Washing Powder Sunlight liquid 2in1
2x Sunlight Green Bar 400g
1 x Candles 
1 x Assorted Bakers Biscuits 1 kg 
R 2 ,799.00
  • GBP: £ 132.95
  • AED: د.إ 641.81
  • USD: $ 169.90
  • BTC: ฿0.05649974
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Essential Hamper


4kg Sugar 2L Oil 2kg Washing Powder 1x Camphor Cream 2kg Flour 1x Green Soap Bar 1x Toothpaste 2x Bathing Soap (Pearl) 1x Box Tea (Stella) 1x Jam

1kg Salt 10x Toilet Paper Rolls 5kg Mealie Meal 1x Dishwasher 3x Usavi Mix 1x 2kg Mariana Rice 2x 400g Bella Spaghetti 2x 410g Koo Baked Beans 1x Sugar Beans 1x Lucky Pilchards
R 1 ,070.00
  • GBP: £ 50.83
  • AED: د.إ 245.35
  • USD: $ 64.95
  • BTC: ฿0.02159869
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Monthly Stretcher Hamper

2x 2kg Sugar 1x Oros Orange Juice 2litre 3x 2L Oil 1x 2kg Flour 1x Jam 1x Peanut Butter 1x ALL gold  Tomato Sauce 1x 250g 5 Roses Tea 1x 12.5kg Mealie Meal 2x 2kg Rice 3x 400g Spaghetti Bella 2x Macaroni (Fatties & Monis) 3x Knorr 1x 1kg Salt 1x 100ml Toothpaste 1x 2kg Maq Washing Powder 2x Bath Soap (Pearl) 2 x Tinned Beans 2 x Lucky Star Philchards 155g 1x Texan Beef Baby soft toilet paper 2 ply 4 rolls Sunlight Liquid 750ML 400G sunlight green bar  
R 1 ,900.00
  • GBP: £ 90.25
  • AED: د.إ 435.67
  • USD: $ 115.33
  • BTC: ฿0.03835281
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